The CCES PTA is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021-2022 Reflections Arts Contest! Students were asked to create artwork  that reflected the theme “I Will Change the World By…”. All participating students received certificates and awards. Be sure to browse the PTA Reflections Virtual Art Gallery which showcases our students’ creations. Bravo to all the students who entered this year – your artwork is inspiring for all of us!

2021-2022 Reflections artists:

  • Audrey A.
  • Harrison A.
  • Leo B.
  • Nitya K.
  • Zaviyar K.
  • Amy K.
  • Alexa L.
  • Sophie N.
  • Stella P.
  • Emma R.
  • Kate R.
  • Theodore S.
  • Luke S.
  • Abha S.

All submitted works were rated based on their connection to the theme, technique and creativity by two wonderful judges: Mr. Jones and Mr. Schmitt. The top three pieces of artwork in each category were sent on to the Howard County Reflections level. Here are the top prize winners from Clemens Crossing:

  • Dance Choreography – Primary (K-2):
    1.  Award of Excellence: Abha S. (Kindergarten)
  • Dance Choreography – Intermediate (3-5):
    1. Award of Excellence: Zaviyar K. (3rd grade)
  • Literature – Primary (K-2):
    1. Award of Excellence: Emma R. (Kindergarten)
    2. Award of Merit: Audrey A. (Kindergarten)
  • Literature – Intermediate (3-5):
    1. Award of Excellence: Harrison A. (3rd grade)
    2. Award of Merit: Amy K. (3rd grade)
    3. Honorable Mention: Kate R. (3rd grade)
  • Music Composition – Primary (K-2):
    1. Award of Excellence: Theodore S. (Kindergarten)
  • Visual Arts – Primary (K-2):
    1. Award of Excellence: Nitya K. (Kindergarten)
    2. Award of Merit: Sophie N. (1st grade)
    3. Honorable Mention: Alexa L. (1st grade)
  • Visual Arts – Intermediate (3-5):
    1. Award of Excellence: Stella P. (3rd grade)

We are also very pleased to announce that three Clemens Crossing Reflections entries won prizes at the Howard County Level, and went on to be judged at the state level:

  • Abha S. won first prize at the county level for Dance Choreography – Primary
  • Zavi K. won second prize at the county level for Dance Choreography – Intermediate
  • Emma R. won second prize at the county level for Literature – Primary

An enormous congratulations to Emma R. and Abha S., who won top prizes at the state level of the PTA Reflections Program. Emma R. won 1st place in the state, the Outstanding Interpretation in Literature – Primary Division, for her poem titled “I Can Change the World”. Abha S. won 2nd place in the state, the Award of Excellence in Dance Choreography in Dance Choreography – Primary Division, for her dance titled “Reuse Dance”. Both of these Reflections submissions went on to compete at the national level. Bravo!