What are Backpack Bundles?

The Backpack Bundles program at CCES provides food to students who may need meal assistance on the weekend. Our Backpack Bundles program is funded entirely through PTA donations, individual donations, and community-based donations; it is not funded by HCPSS or any other organization. However, the Backpack Bundle food drive and weekly food bags are organized through PTA volunteers.

Signup to Receive a Backpack Bundle

Signups for the program go through our school counselor and are completely confidential. Bags are delivered discreetly into students’ backpacks; PTA volunteers do not know which students receive the bags. If you are interested in receiving a Backpack Bundle, please contact school counselor, Mrs. Rogers (ann_rogers@hcpss.org).

Would you like to help with this program?

  1. Volunteer: Volunteers are needed to help with stuffing bags and delivering them to school each week. This is done entirely from home. Typically, volunteers rotate organizing bags weekly for one month.
  2. Donate food items:
    1. Order directly through our Amazon Wishlist.
    2. Drop off food items into the bin in the CCES foyer.
    3. Donate directly to PTA

Suggested Donations

  • Breakfast Food: Cereal cups & Cereal bars (Nutri-grain type), oatmeal packets/cups
  • Beverages: Milk Boxes
  • Lunch/Dinner Food: Microwavable bowls (Chef Boyardee cups, Easy Mac & Cheese, soup cups)
  • Snacks: Beef jerky, cheese & crackers/peanut butter crackers (handi-dips or sandwich crackers), peanut butter packs, popcorn, granola bars, goldfish crackers, etc.
  • Fruit: Unsweetened applesauce, fruit cups in fruit juice, natural fruit snacks, fruit leather, fruit/veggie pouches

Note: This is not the kind of food drive where you can donate almost anything. Instead, snacks and meals must be individually packaged, shelf stable items, including fruit and protein – food that kids can easily/safely prepare for themselves. When possible, please choose low-sugar & whole grain food that is easy to open & prepare.

Questions? Please contact Lisa Scata (lisa_scata@hcpss.org), Backpack Bundles Coordinator