President Karen Pang
1st VP (Program Chair) Dani Gardner
2nd VP (Staff Liaison) (Eileen) Lea Billingsley
Recording Secretary Vanessa Beltran
Corresponding Secretary Denise Giuliano
Treasurer Hyung Chang
PTA Council Rep (1) Christy Smith
PTA Council Rep (2) Emily Livelsberger
SIT Representative Vanessa Castleberry
Principal Edward Cosentino
Assistant Principal Sonia Hurd
After School Programs Karolina DuBois
Half-Day Activities* Karolina DuBois
Play Coordinator* Jennie Molinari
CAC Representative OPEN
Communications Debasmita Patra
Bulletin Board* Heather Moraff
Social Media* Jenn Aballo
Student Directory* Sha’ki Mitchell
Website Content* Mary Ngo
Web Master* Brian Nelson
Cultural Arts Risa Carlson

Suzanne Papailiou

Diversity* OPEN
International Night* Risa Carlson

Suzanne Papailiou

Fundraising (Read-a-thon) Carrie Seidman
Book Fair* Dani Gardner

Julia Griffiths

Holiday Shop* Nicole Bellows
Restaurant Nights* Liz Laney
Retail Promotions (Box Tops/GroceryCard)* Julia Griffiths
Paw Print Press Alison Sultan
Staff Appreciation Danielle Taymoorian
Volunteer Coordinator Joy Spies


Awards Andrea Nelson
Bingo Night OPEN
Career Day Dani Gardner
Community Outreach Tamara Bishop
Destination Imagination Chris McDonald
JA in a Day Dani Gardner
Membership Corrine Benjamin
Memory Book Joy Spies
Newcomers Lochlann Boyle
Nominating OPEN
Parent Partners Dani Gardner
Policy OPEN
Reflections Risa Carlson
Science Fair Jen Siegel

Chris McDonald

Special Education Liaison Vanessa Castleberry
Spiritwear Carolyn Cosentino
Spring Carnival OPEN
STEM Activities Chris McDonald

Allie McDonald

Talent Show OPEN
Visiting Author Erin Stoll


A standing committee is formed to perform function that requires continuous service throughout the year or for a longer period.  Standing committee chairpersons are voting Executive Board members.

A special committee is formed for a specific purpose.  When its work it completed, it automatically goes out of existence.  Special committee chairpersons are non-voting members.

* = Non-voting sub-committee of standing committee

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